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Kaival Brands Innovations Group, Inc.

About Us

Kaival Brands


At Kaival Brands, we are on a mission to set the highest standard and elevate the adult consumer experience for vaping.

Our Vision

is to develop internally, acquire, own, or exclusively distribute these innovative products and grow each into dominant market-share brands with superior quality and recognizable innovation

Our team is comprised of
Gifted Minds

Kaival Brands Innovations Group, Inc. brings the best minds and hard workers together for one objective. We build brands that develop themselves as top in their respected industry. Sometimes all you need is a few geniuses in a room with a notepad. Our team is here to serve and bring an alternative to the traditional ways of adult recreation.

Niraj Patel - CEO & President

It is a premium-quality product with a forward-thinking sustainable campaign, and we look forward to meeting the increasing market demand for the innovative BIDI® Stick.

Saving the environment one sustainable brand at a time.

Our Team

Nirajkumar Patel

CEO, CFO, President, Treasurer, & Director

CEO, CFO, President, Treasurer, & Director

Mr. Nirajkumar Patel, attended AISSMS College of Pharmacy in Pune, India and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy in 2004, after moving to the United States in 2005. Niraj has a Master's in Chemistry from Florida Institute of Technology and holds a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

“We are the same family with the same values. The reason why we did what we did is to provide a better product, a top-quality product. The way we structured our company models and the vision, and the device we made, we think that this is the way to keep open multiple options for people who are 21 years and older who use combustible tobacco products.”

Eric Mosser

COO, Secretary, & Director

COO, Secretary, & Director

Mr. Eric Mosser attended Arizona State University and studied Business Management and then graduated from Rio Salado College with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Computer Technology in 2004.

Paul Reuter



Mr. Reuter brings nearly five decades of industry experience in small box retail as a journalist, editorial director, entrepreneur, and speaker. He has launched two successful businesses, including MidWest Retail Group LLC, which was the largest U.S. 7-Eleven franchise group, where he served as Chairman and founding partner from April 2013 through June 2019. He is also the founder of Kreative Collaborations, LLC, an industry consultancy. Prior to his current endeavours, Mr. Reuter purchased CSP Information Group Inc. ("CSP Information Group") in 1991 and served as the Chief Executive Officer until July 2012. In July 2012, CSP Information Group was sold to CSP Business Media, now Winsight LLC based in Chicago, Illinois. Under his leadership, CSP became the industry leader in market share and a well-respected industry journalism entity. Mr. Reuter also serves as a director of Abierto Networks LLC ("Abierto Networks"), a digital media and engagement technology company focused on the convenience store, retail, and other similar consumer market segments.

Roger Brooks



Mr. Brooks is currently the Chairman, Treasurer, and Co-founder of Abierto Networks, positions he has held since 2005. Prior to his roles at Abierto Networks, from 1998 to 2008, Mr. Brooks was the lead independent director and member of the compensation and audit committees for Moldflow Corporation, a Nasdaq-listed software company that was sold to Autodesk, Inc. in 2008. From 2017 to 2019, Mr. Brooks served as an independent director of Lytron, Incorporated, a closely held international industrial solutions company. From 1998 to 2002, Mr. Brooks served as President, Chief Executive Officer, and member of the board for Intelligent Controls, Inc., a publicly traded software and instrumentation company, which was sold to Franklin Electric Co. Inc. Mr. Brooks was President, Chief Executive Officer, and a board member of Dynisco, Inc. from 1987 to 1996 where he grew the company from $10 million of sales to an international company with over $100 million of sales. Roger holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Connecticut and a Master of Business Administration degree from New York University, Stern Graduate Business School. He is also a graduate of the Stanford University Executive Management Program.

“Both Kaival Brands and Bidi Vapor fully support proper regulation of the category so that all ENDS products meet the highest marketing standards for adult smokers, with the ultimate goal of providing a unique and premium vaping experience with the consumer, sustainability, integrity and compliance in focus.”

“We look forward to working with Bidi Vapor as they work with the FDA to construct its regulatory policy based on science and facts.”

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