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BIDI® Stick

Combining Premium Quality & Sustainability

Kaival Brands (Melbourne, Florida) is a company focused on developing innovative products and is the exclusive distributor of the BIDI® Stick. Manufactured by Bidi Vapor, LLC, BIDI® Stick is an innovative nicotine vaping device.  Bidi Vapor designed the BIDI® Stick in its mission to provide adult smokers a premium vaping experience.

Exclusively Distributed by: Kaival Brands

Bidi Vapor

Bidi Stick | Kaival Brands

The BIDI® Stick is a one-time use only, closed system, disposable vaping device that is tamper-resistant and recyclable. The BIDI® Stick is intended for adult users only. With its premium quality, the BIDI® Stick ensures satisfying nicotine levels in each drag. As a responsible industry actor, Bidi Vapor has set strict and responsible age verification processes and has complied with government laws and regulations.

Bidi Vapor products are sold primarily through national convenience stores as well as online exclusively through authorized direct retailers, and the digital convenience store, GoPuff. Bidi Vapor requires its direct retail partners to sign a Wholesaler & Direct Retailer Agreement that ensures customers are asked to provide valid government-issued identification to prove age eligibility.

See more in the video below about the efforts Bidi Vapor takes to ensure strict compliance, responsibility, integrity to consistently provide a premium vaping experience.

BIDI® is dedicated to using the latest technology to bring a premium experience for our adult tobacco and vape users.

Niraj Patel, CEO

Exclusively Recycled by: Kaival Brands

BIDI® Cares Initiative

Bidi Vapor strives to save the environment one step at a time with BIDI® Cares. An industry pioneer in recycling, we encourage the proper return of used vapor devices to ensure proper disposal.

The BIDI® Cares initiative focuses on promoting sustainable practices of using the BIDI® Stick. With this program, Bidi Vapor strives to save the environment one step at a time through proper disposal of vapor products.

How BIDI® Cares Works

BIDI® Cares is fueled by innovation and brought to life with the help of consumers. To make a difference, BIDI® Cares is aware they need to motivate the consumers to recycle the premium quality BIDI® Sticks and created the initiative “Save Your BIDI®, Save Our Planet.”

Bidi Vapor Global Distribution

Kaival Brands Innovation Group, Inc. is an exclusive global distributor of BIDI® Stick focused on innovative startup brands and businesses. Kaival Brands incubates and helps startup companies with innovative products to actualize their potential for profitability through Kaival’s distribution capacity.

Save Your BIDI®. Save Our Planet

Our products features a durable, high-quality, and eco-friendly battery, making it strong enough to recycle. To help save the planet from leaking batteries and residual nicotine, Bidi Vapor introduced an environmentally friendly program that urges its users to recycle their used vaping devices. 

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BIDI® Cares

Bidi Cares | Kaival Brands

Bidi Vapor, manufacturer of the disposable vape pen called BIDI® Stick, has submitted its premarket tobacco application (PMTA) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for review. The deadline for PMTA submissions is Sept. 9, 2020. The Company acts as the sole exclusive worldwide distributor of the BIDI® Stick in partnership with Bidi Vapor, LLC.

The application detailed 11 flavor varieties with nicotine concentrations of 6% weight/volume as part of the Company’s proprietary e-liquid formulation. Starting from a science-based foundation, Bidi Vapor has engineered its electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) products using its own patented technology, ensuring quality control and quality assurance throughout the production cycle – from the purchased raw chemicals and components through to the manufacturing process – in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) facility. The product then goes through various in vitro and in vivo toxicity testing (including genotoxicity tests) at a GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) approved lab and undergoes HPHC (Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents) tests for aerosol and e-liquid at ISO 17025 certified labs. Also included in its PMTA submission, Bidi Vapor conducted three independent surveys and one “combined” consumer survey of people aged 21 and over.

Possibly the largest submission compiled across all ENDS manufacturers, Bidi Vapor’s application runs over 285,000 pages, providing science-based evidence to be authorized as Appropriate for the Protection of Public Health (APPH) and further supporting the public need to provide options to adult smokers of combustible tobacco products. The PMTA process will allow the FDA to review ENDS from individual manufacturers to potentially authorize continued marketing in the United States, officials with Bidi Vapor stated.

Bidi Vapor supports comprehensive regulation of online sales of nicotine products to adults, preventing youth access, and marketing only to adults.  The company is in favor of regulating imports and limiting public access to non-U.S. e-commerce websites that whether knowingly or unknowingly contribute to counterfeit and black market distribution of nicotine vaping products.  Additionally, Bidi Vapor supports nicotine product tracing to be applied to vaping products to ensure the U.S. government’s collection of import duties and state taxes; and enforcement of proper labeling requirements.

Innovative Design
Medical-Grade Components

BIDI® Youth Access Prevention Program

Regarding the concern about minors possibly having access to vaping products, BIDI® Vapor uses several stages of legal-age and identity verification with its products:

  • AgeChecker.com, a third-party provider that uses multiple databases to confirm the identity of an online customer.
  • A call within 24 hours to the online customer to verify the purchase, age and identity.
  • Requiring a government identification and an adult signature 21 years or older upon delivery of product.
  • At the retail level, BIDI® Vapor requires retailers sign a Direct Retail Pledge, designed to affirm compliance to age-verification policies that the company itself abides by.