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Bidi™ Stick

Bidi Stick is a game-changer. Its innovative engineering and slick design paired with unique features efficiently deliver a premium vaping experience while still caring for the environment.

Exclusively Distributed by: Kaival Brands

Bidi™ Vapor

Bidi Stick | Kaival Brands

Bidi™ Stick is a game-changing completely self-contained disposable vape for adults, packed with enough juice and power to outlast around two packs of cigarettes. Made from top-quality components and innovative technology, Bidi™ Stick leads the industry in caring for the environment through recycling used vape pens.

Save Your Bidi, Save Our Planet

The Bidi Stick features a durable, high-quality, and eco-friendly battery, making it strong enough to recycle. To help save the planet from leaking batteries and residual nicotine, Bidi Vapor introduced an environmentally friendly program that urges its users to recycle their used vaping devices. When a consumer returns ten (10) used Bidi Sticks, they receive a FREE Bidi Stick as a token of appreciation for their environmental efforts on their next purchase. Bidi Vapor is demonstrating how to do sustainable vaping!

Bidi™ Vapor is redesigning corporate responsibility by ensuring that we take the first step to cut back on waste and educate our consumers on proper disposal as well as the environmental impact.”

Niraj Patel, CEO

Exclusively Recycled by: Kaival Brands

Bidi™ Cares Initiative

The Bidi™ Cares initiative focuses on promoting sustainable practices of using the Bidi™ Stick. With this program, Bidi™ Vapor strives to save the environment one step at a time through proper disposal of vapor products.

How Bidi Cares Works

Bidi Cares is fueled by innovation and brought to life with the help of consumers. To make a difference, Bidi Cares is aware they need to motivate the consumers to recycle the premium quality Bidi Sticks and created the initiative “Save Your Bidi, Save Our Planet.” Consumers can ship at least 10 used Bidi™ Sticks and, in return, get a FREE Bidi Stick on their next purchase.

Bidi Vapor Global Distribution

Kaival Brands Innovation Group, Inc. is an exclusive global distributor of Bidi Stick focused on innovative startup brands and businesses. Kaival Brands incubates and helps startup companies with innovative products to actualize their potential for profitability through Kaival’s distribution capacity.

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Bidi Cares

Bidi Cares | Kaival Brands
Innovative Design
  • pharmaceutical-grade device
  • Recyclable components, including the battery
  • Recycle Program For Customers
  • Proactive Product-Safety Protocols
  • Patents-Pending, Unique Device
Medical-Grade Components
  • Harsh Hits​
  • Dissatisfaction From Slow Absorption​
  • Running Out Of Liquid Too Soon​
  • Lingering Cigarette Odor​
  • Dead Batteries​

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